Katie and Terry’s Review of Jolie Images Photography

Wedding Date: October 1st, 2011


I wanted to post my testimonial on the other sites, but I have been unsuccessful. To avoid waiting any longer to sing my praises, I have decided to send it this way.

I would like to start off by saying that you have established a wonderful company that knows how to keep their consumers VERY happy! I cannot tell you how many times I would hang up the phone or leave a meeting with other companies and have a bad taste in my mouth. I NEVER felt anything negative throughout my experience with Jolie Images. Every person I spoke with was helpful, kind, patient, and completely understanding. Something happens to women when you begin to plan a wedding… you become irrational and you create unfathomable expectations. Whenever I called Jolie Images, I felt that my hopes and expectations were not so unrealistic… they were truly a possibility. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you organization and enthusiasm.

 When I went for my initial consultation with Jolie Images, I had not chosen a photographer. While I had looked through their portfolios countless times, I was still undecided. Everything looked INCREDIBLE! Then I heard the magic words, ” Katie, choose David R to be your photographer. Trust me!” So, I did! David was probably the best decision that I made throughout my wedding planning. I cannot say enough about him. I have not seen the pictures yet, but I don’t need to! He was sooooo supportive and kind. He made me feel like we had been friends our entire lives; I felt at ease with him from the moment he walked into my home. Most people would have been intimidated or at least slowed down by the chaos that had erupted in my house the day of my wedding. 22 people, 3 dogs, and a very nervous bride… he took each of these elements with stride.  By the end of the day he knew every-ones name, including the dogs! He offered to buy coffee or make a quick run for food. When people were less than participatory, he encouraged them to have fun and trust him. He was even willing to take a 15 minute golf cart ride, in the cold, to a spot on the golf course with a particular bridge, and he did it all with a smile. When things were not moving along during the reception, he made sure that the cake was cut, that we did the flower and garter toss, and that the bride and groom were happy. He stepped in when he didn’t have to, and he made sure that the day went smoothly. He was more than a photographer; he was a team-player that wanted to make sure everything went perfectly. I can honestly say he helped to divert situations that would have left my husband and I very disappointed. As I said before, he was, by far, the best addition to my wedding day!

To future brides: Your search is done! Jolie Images is the best around! CHOOSE DAVID!!!!!!  You will not be sorry! I have said it a hundred times over since my wedding: David is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread! 🙂

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

 -Katie S.

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